Beginning Counselling

Deciding to seek help and then choosing a counsellor can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are already in emotional distress. Some people think that seeing a counsellor is an admission that something is wrong with them. This is an unfortunate misconception. Reaching out for support and wanting to fully participate in one’s personal development is a positive affirmation of life, a creative undertaking that requires curiosity, courage and a wish to create new choices. I hope this website will answer some of the questions you may have, but please do not hesitate to contact me


How does it work?

In counselling the client and therapist sit together in a quiet, confidential room. The client has the space to talk about whatever feels most important or troubling – this may be the events of the week, a difficult relationship, troubling thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams – basically anything of concern. Listening carefully to what the client expresses the counsellor works to help the client bring their true feelings to the surface so that he can experience and understand them.


Why counselling and therapy?

There is no one answer that covers the many issues where counselling may be helpful. Sometimes the issues appear as direct results of a relationship problem, work place stress and conflict, abuse and domestic violence, childhood experiences and parent relationships, illness or grief and loss. At other times without warning or obvious reasons, depression, anxiety, anger, eating disorders, fear or phobias take a hold leaving us vulnerable and confused. Or it could be that we simply want to enhance our life, improve our relationships with others and increase the joy we feel in daily life. We may want to improve our self- esteem and self-confidence. Or we may be asking ourselves questions such as “Why does this keep happening to me?” “Why is life suddenly so overwhelming?” “What happened to the old me?” “Where is life going?”


What can counselling and therapy do for me?

Counselling may be helpful if we want to work through current or past issues which may be holding us back from living our lives the way we would like. It provides an opportunity to better understand our behaviour, thoughts and feelings and to free our energies. Through new awareness we realize that we have choices and can continue to explore ways of making positive changes and develop our own capacity for inner freedom and our own true human potential.


What about confidentiality?

As a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors I work according to the Association’s Code of Ethics. This assures you complete confidentiality within the strict regulations of the Code.