Need to Be Heard?

Henriette Politano Counsellor WhangareiAs a professional and qualified psychotherapist and counsellor I provide sympathetic confidential space, where you can talk about what’s troubling you.

Talking through things with a therapist can lead to new perspectives on your situation, an increased sense of personal choice, acknowledgement of your own strength and resources, and a richer sense of connection with yourself and others.

Call me to set up a meeting in my central Whangarei office. I answer all calls personally. If I cannot take your call I will respond promptly to your message.

What is important for me is to create a space of respect, dignity and new potential for every human being – I work with clients of all cultures, nationalities, denominations, gender and sexual orientations.

Working with me as a psychotherapist  -counsellor can help with:

self-limiting decisions and beliefs - such as “I don’t matter” – “there isn’t enough for me” – “I don’t belong” – “don’t be” – “don’t be sane” – “don’t succeed” – “I don’t deserve” – “don’t trust” – “don’t need” …………

  • troubling emotions such as depression, unresolved anger, loneliness, frustration, guilt and low self esteem
  • single trauma, complex trauma and PTSD - trauma can “hijack” – this means a person perceives to be under life threat.  Physical symptoms such as hyperarousal, hypo-arousal, numbing, dissociation and constriction can couple with psychological issues of feeling helpless, depressed, out of control, isolated and dissociated.
  • stress or anxiety because of fear of failure, work addiction, traumatic events, social status and office conflict
  • relationship issues such as difficulty finding and sustaining relationships, relationship conflict, separation and bereavement, intimacy and sexuality
  • personal development decisions about identity, sexuality, and life direction
  • destructive habits including disordered eating, negative body image, sexual addictions and obsessional rituals
  • abuse and domestic violence in a present or past relationship, co-habitative/marital, parental or any other environment.   I am an active supporter of the Whangarei Women’s Refuge (Tryphina House) and am committed to help you find the power to come out of such a situation as a strong and healthy person.
  • phobias and unexplained fears

Getting Started

The first step is a short phone conversation during which you can raise any questions you have, and tell me a little about your situation – if that’s what you want to do.  Either call me directly, or email me with your phone/mobile number.  Should you wish to explore counselling further we will then arrange a meeting in my practice in central Whangarei.   This will afford you a chance to talk freely about your situation and your feelings in a calm, comfortable, confidential setting and you will be able to explore how counselling and therapy can help you before deciding to continue. You do not need to be referred by your GP.